14 Applications

Production and Import Administration
-Bill of Materials Record
-Review of the Bill Of Materials
-Daily Production Record
-Explosión of Material(To Order)
-Cancellation of Major 424
Cash and Operating Budget
-Income and Expenditure Master
-Comparative Budget
-Origin and Application of Founds
-Extended Income Statement
-Income Statement(Element)
Sale Tax Selector
-Settlement of the Value Added Tax (VAT) to be Paid
-Monthly Sales Ledger
-Monthly Purchases Ledger
-List of Returns and Discounts to Suppliers
-Quarterly Sales and Purchases by Product
Maintenance and Other
-Passwords: For Each Application
-Passwords: Financial Statements
-Release Item with Another User
-Determine Ledger Reconciliation
-Determine Out-of-Balance Item
-Profit Analysis vs. Seller/Product
-Profit Analysis vs. Seller/Product
-Sales Statistics by Month
-Reconstruct Month-end Statistics
-Import Needs without Sales
Production cost
-Inter-process Movement Log
-Aggregate Costs of the Month
-Production Cost of the Month
-Work in Progress Inventory
-Planned Production Record
Payroll and Human Resources
-Department Master
-Occupation Master
-Employee Master
-Payment Reason Master
-Occupation Master
Fixed Assets
-Physical Location Master of Assets
-Fixed Assets Masters
-Asset Card
-Assign Cost Centers to Charge
-Start Fixed Assets Ledger
Unprocessed Inventory
-Warehouse Master
-Inventory Lines
-Inventory Items Master
-Color Master
-List Inventory Types
Loans Payable
-Banking Institutions Master
-Loans Master
-Bank Interest Rate Change
-Exchange Rate of the Day (Dual Currency)
-Loan Amortization Schedule
Accounts Payable
-City Master
-Supplier Master
-List Supplier Master
-Monthly Transaction Report
-Supplier Account Statements
Accounts Receivable
-Customer Master
-Seller Master
-Authorize Online Processing Month
-List Customer Master
-Monthly Transaction Report
-Multicurrency Finance
-Multicurrency Master
-Trial Balance
-Income Statement
-Balance Sheet Attachments
-Financial Ratios
Petty Cash Ledger
-Daily Bank Balance
-Values to be Deposited in Cash
-Daily Bank Balance
-Multicurrency Service
-Release Pre-printed Checks
General Accounting
-Master of: Expense Groups and Elements
-Chart of Accounts
-Detailed Subsidiary Ledger
-Chart of Accounts Listing
-Monthly General Ledger
Financial Statements
-Restatement of Financial Statements
-Trial Balance
-Statement of Financial Position
-Income Statement
-Extended/Annual Income Statement
Daily Tasks
-Journal Entries
-Billing and Sales
-Debit Notes to Customers
-Checks Granted as Loans
-Accepted Bills of Exchange from Customer
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