Payroll and Human Resources

Department Master
Occupation Master
Employee Master
Payment Reasons Master
Deductions Master
Authorize Payroll Number for Payment
Record Charges to Deduct
Assign Account to Charge by Employee
Record of Fixed Fees by Week or Fortnight
Loss of the Seventh Day
Payment and Deduction Review
Payment Tickets
Currency Distribution for the Bank
Departmentalized Payroll Report
Detailed Accounting Ledger Entry
List of Applied Deductions in the Payroll
Detail of Balance by Deduction Type
List of Global Deductions in Current Payroll
Second Application Selector
Monthly Fosovi Report

Monthly Social Security Report
Detailed Monthly Payment Summary
Monthly Payment Summary by Groups
Personal Identification
Personnel Action
Messages to Display on Payment Tickets
Record of Bank Accounts for Employee Credits
List of Employee Credits in Bank
Detail of Monthly and Yearly Deductions
Historical Payments for Payroll
Deduction History per Employee
Deduction History for Payroll
Historical Review of Payments and Deductions
Overtime Analysis for Payroll
Alphabetical List by Departments
Anniversary List (In the Company)
Birthday List (Date of Birth)

14 Fully Integrated Applications

Our suite offers a seamless synergy with 14 fully integrated applications, enhancing efficiency, optimizing processes, and enabling smooth collaboration across all operational facets.

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